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Brittany Cummings
Brittany Cummings

Brittany Cummings is in her “second beautiful year” as Washington and her 11th year as a high school educator. Ms Cummings teaches Creative Writing and Composition and  Research.Ms Cummings is also a yoga instructor. She teaches at two studios in the city, AND has taught yoga in Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, and Costa Rica. She thinks yoga itself is a powerful tool for helping to cultivate and sustain inner peace, and given the world today, there’s never been a more opportune time to take care of ourselves and generate some ourselves and generate some balance and harmony within ourselves, so that we can better weather the things coming our way.

Ms Cummings is grateful for all students she teaches, but she would especially like to introduce you to Mariah O’Brien (class of 2023). Ms. Cummings says of Mariah, “Mariah – as a poet – has displayed exemplary talent. I’ve been blown away by her beautiful words and her ability to convey vulnerable topics in such a profound way. I think she has the potential to help so many with her warrior voice. Also, Mariah’s family just got a husky puppy, and Mariah bravely turned on her camera two weeks ago to share her puppy with the class.” Doing that brought everyone so much joy and helped to make her classmates feel comfortable enough to turn on their cameras too. Now, we look forward to seeing her puppy and how it’s grown each week. Her husky has become our class pet in a way. I’m happy to share some of Mariah’s strengths with the whole community, because I think she deserves the recognition.”


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