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2020-2021 Course Requests

Dear Washington students and families,

Each spring, our students and families make course requests for the next school year based on educational goals and dreams. KCKPS administration and the Curriculum and Instruction Department carefully reviewed course offerings for our school year’s remote learning start. We want to ensure that the classes we offer are meaningful, and supplies can be arranged, setting you up for a successful school year.

You may see slightly different classes on your schedule than what you requested in the spring. Counselors worked to substitute the closest available course when we needed to make a change. At this time, we ask that you do NOT request schedule changes by calling or emailing the counselor or main office. School schedules, especially seniors, will be reviewed during Family Advocacy (FA) week to ensure your graduation plans are on track.

Thank you very much for your patience at this time.

Cole Amaya, Principal

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