School Supply List

1- Pack of #2 pencils

1- Pack of college rule loose leaf paper

1– Pack of blue or black ink pens

1- Pack of 100 notecards

2- 3 ringed binders at least 2 inches (two is the minimum)


Red ink pens

1- Ream of printer paper

1 -flash drive (4g preferably)

1 -graphing calculator (TI- 84 plus or better) at the very least a scientific calculator

1- Pack of color pencils

2- Composition notebooks

3- Spiral notebooks college rule

1- Box of Kleenex

2- Pocket folders

2- Pocket folders with brads

1- Pack of AAA batteries

Dry erase markers

1- Bottle hand sanitizer

1- Rubber eraser

Graph paper (either loose or composition notebook style)


Backpack with laptop protection

School-issued laptop (must pay district required laptop fee and sign acceptable use policy)