20/20 Leadership

20/20 Leadership is a bi-state youth educational leadership development program providing a continuum for:

  • Junior Leaders: 10-month program for high school juniors
  • Senior Leaders: 8-month program for high school seniors
  • Alumni Leaders: Graduates return to program as trainers, mentors, board/advisory board members and selection committee members

What is the Junior Leaders Program?

The 10-month program blends academically, socially, economically, racially and geographically diverse students in learning the importance of earning an education and taking personal and social responsibility.  The program offers each student an opportunity to succeed.  Program content includes: college and career exploration, local and state government, Truman White House Decision Making Center, media, law, entrepreneurship, finance, personal and leadership development, the arts and social service.

What is the Senior Leaders Program?

The 8-month program is designed for Junior Leaders who have successfully completed the 10-month program and enter their senior year of high school. Program topics include: Finances, Government, Media, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Community Awareness.

Who are the Alumni Leaders?

They represent program graduates returning to their home community or community of their choice and want to reconnect with the program.  They mentor students participating in the 20/20 Leadership Program and provide volunteer service or pro-bono hours to organizations of their choice.  (21+ year old)


Please contact (816) 520-0014 or (913) 721-3933 for additional information.