Tools for Success

Curriculum Vitae

When should you start keeping track of your school performance and extra activities?  The answer is right NOW.  A curriculum vitae is a document that helps others easily see all of your accomplishments throughout high school.  For more information and an example, check out this presentation.

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Resumes, Cover Letters, and References

When should you start getting career related experiences and building a network? The answer is right NOW.  Resumes, cover letters, and references are typically used by employers during the interview process for internships and jobs.  For more information and examples for high school students, check out this presentation.

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Admissions and Scholarship Essays

When should you start writing your essays?  The answer is right NOW.  To work smart, begin saving essays that you write in classes so you do not have to start from scratch your admission and scholarship essays.  The most helpful essays are the ones that describe your values, interests, and college/career plans.

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