Business Marketing & Finance Academy


The Business and Finance Academy will empower students with essential tools needed to succeed in a 21st Century global economy. We are committed to providing students with highly marketable skills that they can utilize while pursuing higher education or future career opportunities.

Goals and Benchmarks

Goal 1:  Develop a ‘Growth Mindset” students will attend and participate in all classes.


  • By end of 1st semester The Academy will have a  90% attendance rate.
  • By end of school year, the Academy will maintain a  90% attendance rate

Goal 2: Develop effective verbal and written communication skills


  • The Academy will identify performance measure related to written and verbal academic goals by the end of the semester.
  • The Academy will evaluate performance measure and set goals for the next year

Goal 3: Create plans for differentiated instruction for students within the Academy, to work together in cooperative learning groups


  • Academy teachers will participate in 1 professional development around cooperative learning and provide at least cooperative learning opportunity by the end of the 1st semester.
  • Academy teachers will provide 2 additional cooperative learning opportunities by end of 2nd semester.

Goal 4: Develop problem solving skills


  • The academy will use and or teaching problem solving skills to student throughout the semester. (I.e. think before you speak)
  • By the end of the semester students will have been involved in problem solving and critical thinking activities.

Goal 5: Learn how to access and analyze information


  • Teacher will engage in a professional development and offer 1 or more activities to access and analyze information.

Advisory Board Members

Name Organization Type

Ms. Katelyn Kaminski

KCK Chamber of Commerce

Industry Employer

Mrs. Elizabeth McFadden

Novella Brandhouse

Industry Employer

Ms. Lauren Kepler

JE Dunn

Industry Employer

Ms. Kerri Van Meveren

Amazing Traditions LLC

Industry Employer

Ms. LaToya Garcia

Vibrant Health

Industry Employer

Mrs. Kerry Mueller

Wyandotte County Farm Bureau

Industry Employer